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Wonder who would do this to a Bull?


Saint Patrick’s Day Fountain in Savannah, Ga


Terry Approved


Navy’s First Laser Weapon

Navy’s LaWS saves bullets and missiles—and will blind & burn drones & boats.

The Navy’s demo video showing the test of the Laser Weapon System. Mute the audio.

“The effects are scalable,” Navy Captain Mike Ziv, the Naval Sea Systems Command’s program manager for directed energy and electric weapons, told the Department of Defense’s Armed With Science blog. “In some cases [the effects are] reversible, and in some cases it can be used for destruction.”


Scott Mitchel Paints Clint Eastwood


Check out his process here:
The process


Deer Thought to be Extinct for 85 Years Discovered in Vietnam


A camera-trap photo of two Roosevelt’s Muntjacs at Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in the central province of Thanh Hoa / PHOTO COURTESY OF XUAN LIEN MANAGEMENT BOARD


Progression of the U.S. Army


Sergeant Thomas Baker


Sergeant Baker in WWII earned the Medal of Honor from a series of actions that ended with him requesting being left, propped against a tree with only a pistol and eight rounds. His body was found in the spot later, pistol empty, and eight dead Japanese Soldiers lying before him.

“Sgt. Baker refused, insisting that he be left alone and be given a soldier’s pistol with its remaining 8 rounds of ammunition. When last seen alive, Sgt. Baker was propped against a tree, pistol in hand, calmly facing the foe. Later Sgt. Baker’s body was found in the same position, gun empty, with 8 Japanese lying dead before him.” -Congress Medal of Honor Society